Workshops and classes 

Workshops and classes

Weekly classes are ongoing in Lakaelland on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  The classes are always small (8) this way there is time for everyone.   All classes are $25. per person. 

I do have a "Starter Kit" if you are a beginner or if you are starting again, they are $50. it includes folding palette with paint for about two months painting, a brush, towel and a watercolor pad.  Please call Penny to make a reservation 808-325-6106


Private workshops for 1 or 2 people.  3 days 9 -3 

1 person $300.

2 people $500. 

$250. for each additional person. 

  This personal workshop includes starter kit and the ability to learn what it is you might like to learn,

for example: tropical landscapes, clouds and trees.    Bring a lunch and have a great time learning from Penny a very well known Big Island artist.  

There are many places in the area to stay - motels, tAirbnb or Bed and Breakfasts.  I's a wonderful time to get away with a friend or a couple of friends


Upcoming Workshop Schedule 2020


  PAINT'N'PARTY  $280. MIN.    $35. per person ( min. 8 people)

                                      3 hours - bring your own wine or drink.

            Great party idea or Girls Night Out - all are very easy and beginners are welcome. 

             Call Penny to make reservations and to make arrangements for time and place.



Day's End

Shadows on the Beach

Choose one of these images

for your Paint'n'nParty

get together.

Your finished painting is

16 X 20 and ready to hang. 

2 Chairs



Palms on the beach

Noon in Paradise

Great Day


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