Penny Gupton 

       Penny Gupton, born in California, in her early years was raised in Australia .  She is part of the Forbes-Robinson family, well known for sports car racing.  After graduation from Glendale High, California, she went on to study art and architecture.

       After her marriage to Miles Gupton, continuing to paint, they opened stores in both Lake Arrowhead, California, and Kona, Hawaii. That is where she learned the ins and outs of sales, merchandising and promotion. During those years all Penny’s paintings went to fundraising for charity. After the death of her husband, Penny decided to try making a living as an artist, a decision she has never regretted.   

       Living in Hawaii most of her adult life and where her children grew up, she had the beautiful islands to paint.  She attributes the beauty, color and serene feeling of her artwork to living in some spectacularly beautiful places.  She moved to another beautiful location from 2016 - 2019 when she moved to Lakeland Florida to be near her daughter Samantha and her family.

Her watercolor, oil, and pen and ink creations all reflect her surroundings. Penny has produced work ranging from murals (a joint project painted with her artist son, Alex Gupton (a wonderful artist on the Big Island) at Kona Community Hospital and commercial art to fine art, commissions and portraits for clients across the United States and around the world. Her work can be found in stores in Hawaii and on the mainland. She was Artist in Residence for the prestigious Kona Village Resort until the tsunami of 2011 temporarily closed the resort.  

Gupton found as the Resident Artist of Kona Village Resort that she really loved painting casual paintings of the guests,  she has done hundreds of families with many of the famililes having multiple painting done.  ( Casual portraits are not stiff they are fun and portray the family doing things that are reflective of the family.  I also make everyone look great, a little thinner, more hair, less gray and younger just enough so that everyone looks great. ) 

Casual portraits, children in pencil and other commissions are welcome. 

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